Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2015 Arizona State University Critical Languages Institute

The Arizona State University Critical Languages Institute is accepting applications for its 2015 summer language programs in the U.S. and abroad.

CLI offers intensive courses in Russian and in East European, Mediterranean, and Central Asian languages, either in the U.S., overseas, or if integrated “combination” courses that include both U.S. and overseas components.

Students selected for CLI pay a flat fee of $960 for up to 13 semester credits, plus study-abroad fees if they opt to join an overseas program.

Scholarships are available for undergraduate students, graduate students, and non-students. ROTC Project GO funding is available for selected languages.

Funding and priority admission deadline is January 30, 2015.



2 months intensive study at ASU with optional 1 month study in country, for 8–13 academic credits.
- Albanian (ASU + Tirana)
- Armenian (ASU + Yerevan)
- Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (ASU + Sarajevo)
- Modern Hebrew (ASU only)
- Macedonian (ASU only)
- Persian (ASU + Samarqand)
- Polish (ASU + Poznan)
- Russian (ASU + Kazan, Bishkek, or St. Petersburg)
- Turkish (ASU + Izmir)
- Uzbek (ASU + Samarqand)

Sessions in ASU include daily co-curricular programming, grant mentoring and career planning opportunities.

Sessions abroad feature academically challenging study, extensive co-curricular programming, integrated into academic coursework and conducted in 1-on1 or small-group format by local language coaches.


2-month intensive programs providing 8–10 academic credits
- Armenian (Yerevan) 3rd-year and up
- Russian (Kazan, Bishkek) 2nd–4th-year
- Russian (St. Petersburg) 5th–6th-year
- Tatar (Kazan) 1st–2nd-year

Programs feature homestays, extensive co-curricular programming, integrated into academic coursework and conducted in 1-on1 or small-group format by local language coaches, and internships at the 5th-year level and up.

APPLICATION AND FULL DETAILS: (http://cli.asu.edu)


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