Thursday, November 6, 2014

Zeitschrift für Balkanologie 50.1 now available

 The following information comes from Petra Himstedt-Vaid:

Dear Readers: Zeitschrift für Balkanologie has just published its latest issue at We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to review
articles and items of interest.

Thanks for the continuing interest in our work,
Petra Himstedt-Vaid Zeitschrift für Balkanologie
Vol. 50, Nr. 1 (2014)
Table of Contents 

Fifty years Zeitschrift für Balkanologie
    Victor Friedman
    Sevasti Trubeta,    Christian Voß
Konstantinos Gardikas: German Connections of a Greek Criminologist and
Liberal Politician in the Interwar Period
    Stratos Georgoulas
Transferring Knowledge: Bulgarian Female Scientists in Bulgarian-German
Scientific Networks (1920s -1950s)
    Georgeta Nazarska
Cultures of Defeat : Reflections on the Adoption of German Racial
Anthropology and Racial Hygiene in Bulgaria (1878 -1941)
    Christian Promitzer
The Secrets of Titograd in 1989: On Entanglements and Fragile Networks
between the Intellectuals of West Germany and Socialist Yugoslavia
    Nenad Stefanov
Researching the Scientific Networks between Germany and Southeastern Europe.
Multiplex Scholarly Paths through Opportunity and Choice
    Sevasti Trubeta
Modernizing Through Medicine: Knowledge Transfer, State-Building, and the
Role of Athens University during the 19th Century
    Maria Zarifi

Gerhard Neweklowsky: Der Gailtaler slowenische Dialekt. Feistritz an der
Gail/Bistrica na Zilji und Hohenthurm/Straja vas
    Harald Bichlmeier
Miloje Djordjevic , Ulrich Engel: Srpsko-nemacki recnik valentnosti
glagola. Wörterbuch zur Verbvalenz Serbisch-Deutsch
    Bozinka Petronijevi c
Elka Agoston-Nikolova (ed.: Shoreless Bridges. South East European Writing
in Diaspora
    Olga Stojanovi c-Fréchette


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