Friday, April 5, 2024

ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE D'ETUDES DU SUD-EST EUROPEEN AIESBE National Committee of the Republic of North Macedonia XIII congress of South-East European studies Skopje, 4.3.2024 Dear Colleagues, As you were previously informed, the xIIIth AIESEE congress titled ,.communication and Exchange: South-Eastern Europe within Gtobat Social, Political and Cultural processes,, was planned fot 2024. However, due to objective reasons, the Congress had to be reschedu led for 2025 . We would like to inform you that the XIIIth AIESEE Congress of South-East European Studies on the topic: "Communication and Exchange: South-Eastern Europe within Global Social, Political and Cultural Processes" will be held in Skopje, from 15 to 19 September 2025, in the premises ofthe Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The official working languages ofthe l3th AIESEE Congress are English and French. Members and associates of the national AIESEE committees are kindly invited to participate in the congress. In addition, other researchers interested in the proposed topic, and young researchers and PhD students are also invited. Please, send the titles and abstracts of your contributions to the following address by I November 2024.please indicate the session of the congress in which you wish to participate. The organizers will notiS,'you whether your proposal has been accepted not later than 31 December 2024. All previous applications that were received in reference to the initially planned Congress in 2A24 will be taken into consideration and all the applicants will be informed about their acceptance no later than 3l December 2024. will find the 20 sessions of the congress and some additional information about the congress registration. Sincerely, Acad. Dragi Gjorgiev President XIIfh Congress of South-East European Studies Communication and Exchange: South-Eastern Europe within Global Social, Political and Cultural processes Skopje, 15-19 September 2025 Sessions L Cultural exchange from the antiquity and middle ages up to modern times 2. Transport communications through the history 3. Economic relations and trade exchange 4. Science and knowledge exchange in the South-Eastern Europe 5. Role of emigrants in establishing social, political and cultural links 6. Intelligentsia and academic elite inlfrom south-Eastern Europe 7. Literary and translation production in the transfer of knowledge and ideas 8. Linguistic interferences in/with South-Eastern Europe 9' Exchange of ideas between national movements in the South-Eastem Europe and beyond 10. Identity in South-Eastern Europe in historical retrospective I 1 . concepts of violence in the social, political and cultural processes 12. Ways and methods of knowledge distribution 13. Interactions and contradictions between science and religions 14. scientific exchange and institutional building in south-Eastern Europe 15. Communication and exchange through visualisation: archives, museums, photography, cinematography, print in South-Eastern Europe 16. Historiography and memory in the social and cultural processes of South-Eastem Europe 17. Knowledge transfer through traveling: the role of voyagers, ambassadors and missionaries in global communication 18. Role of women in the cultural and academic processes in South-Eastern Europe 19. Diaspora communities inlfrom South-Eastern Europe 20. Religious networks - historical discourse Registrationfee The amount of the registration fee is 80 EUR. PhD students providing supporting documents have a special fee rate of 40 EUR. The registration fee is to be settled by I May 2025. The registration fees payment details, as well as other information related to the congress will be available on the congress website : http : //m a gress/. For additional information you can contact Mr. Goce Aleksoski from the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, on email: