Thursday, April 23, 2020


Online conference June 15, 2020; Deadline: June 1, 2020

State Academic University for the Humanities (GAUGN) under the aegis of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) invites proposals for the conference in Russian Studies and welcomes scholars as well as students and young researchers. 
Though due to the COVID-19 we cannot meet in person this year, we are going to organize an online conference with the publication of submitted papers. The conference organized as part of the educational program “Intensive course in Russian Studies“. Further information about the project can be found on our website: 
GAUGN strongly believes that in such situation professionals from all over the world should stay connected and continue to learn and innovate together. The purpose of the conference is to contribute to the further development of the field by opening new avenues of research in Russian studies, both within and across disciplines, and by encouraging collaboration and intellectual exchange. The conferences will provide participants with the opportunities to connect with fellow researchers across the world and expand the network of contacts at the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

·        Submissions are encouraged from, but not limited to the following themes: 
·        Russia in global affairs;
·        Russian history, identity, and memory;
·        Modern Russian economy: challenges and opportunities;
·        Regional integration in Eurasia, and Post-Soviet space;
·        Political institutions in Russia;
·        Media: communication, audiences, policies;
·        Russian literature in comparative perspective;
·        Constructional, lexical and semantic approaches to the Russian language. 

Publication. Selected papers will be subjected to review. If the paper is judged to be of outstanding quality, it will be recommended for publication in a relevant academic journal: 
·          For students - to our partnered journals with ISBN;
·          For scholars and young researchers - to journals indexed by SCOPUS and Web of Science.
      Student Presentation Award. The presentations that have been selected to be the best can get a History.jes. yearly subscription, an online journal where leading researchers in history publish articles, and online access for scientific literature and publication of the GAUGN for your researches.
Certificate. A certificate of participation will be issued to all who attend the conference. 

For students: 
·        Individual paper presentations of selected reports;
·        A series of online lectures by leading experts on Russia.
For scholars and young researchers: 
·        Individual paper presentations of selected reports;
·        Panel discussions.

·        For listeners: name, affiliation, email;
·        For participants: paper proposals (max. 300 words), biographical note (max. 100 words);
·        For individual paper presentations: paper proposals (max. 300 words), biographical note (max. 100 words) + ppt.
Please send the following to 

·        Proposal submission deadline: June 1, 2020;
·        Acceptance notification: June 8, 2020;
·        Online conference: June 15, 2020;
·        Full paper submission: June 30, 2020.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Aleksander Chubaryan, Academic of the RAS; President of the GAUGN; Director of the RAS Institute of General History.
·        Denis Fomin-Nilov (History), Rector of the State Academic University for the Humanities;
·        Vladislav Lektorsky (Philosophy), Principle Research Associate at the Institute of Philosophy of the RAS; Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the GAUGN;
·        Sergey Rogov (Global affairs), Academic Director of the RAS Institute of US and Canadian Studies; Dean of the Faculty of World Politics of the GAUGN.

Contact: Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.