Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fullbright opportunities in Southeastern Europe for 2015-2016

From Michelline Granjean, Fulbright program officer:

The Fulbright Scholar competition for academic year 2015-2016, launched on February 1, 2014, features awards in a number of countries throughout Southeast Europe, including the former Yugoslav states. My organization, the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, administers the Fulbright Scholar Program on behalf of the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Some awards in the Southeast Europe region are highlighted below:

Romania offers a number of grants for scholars from a wide variety of fields and specializations: All Disciplines, American Studies, Business Administration and Economics, Sciences and Engineering, and Social Sciences. There are also two awards hosted by specific universities: Stefan cel Mare University in Suceava and University of Bucharest. These opportunities are for teaching or a combination of teaching and research and are open to all scholars, including early career. Additional information about Romanian universities and awards can be found at

Greece offers a number of research or teaching/research grants within the fields of Education, Engineering, International Relations, as well as an All Disciplines award for teaching or research within the scholar’s area of expertise. Additional information about Greek universities and awards can be found at

Turkey is offering approximately 15 grants for teaching and research. Awards are open to scholars at all levels, except early career. Categories include: All Disciplines, American Studies or American Literature, Business Administration and Economics, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences and Humanities. Turkey also features a Collaborative Teaching and Research award for an American scholar and a Turkish scholar to collaborate on designing a single joint teaching or teaching/research project. The Turkish scholar must submit an application to the Fulbright Commission in Turkey, and the American scholar must include a copy of the Turkish scholar's curriculum vitae with their own application to the Fulbright Scholar Program.

Albania offers awards in the categories of All Disciplines, Architect in Residence, Business Administration/Innovation Management, and International Family and Community Studies. A PhD (or other terminal degree) is not required for the All Disciplines Award.

Croatia also features an All Disciplines category for teaching or a combination of teaching and research and one for research only in any area. Further awards offered in Croatia include, American Studies, Business Administration or Economics, Law, and Social Sciences. These awards are open to all levels of scholars, including early career.

Bosnia and Herzegovina features an All Disciplines award, with preferred specializations that include American studies, constitutional and administrative law, education and teaching, journalism, mass communication, linguistics, criminology, religious studies, and psychology.

Serbia offers an award in American Politics, Government or American History, as well as up to two awards in the All Disciplines category for teaching or teaching/research.

Montenegro offers an All Disciplines award for teaching, research, or a combination of the two within the scholar’s area of expertise. Preferences include, but are not limited to: arts, journalism, accounting, computer science, political science, sociology, architecture, tourist industry, environment, maritime law, American literature and civilization, law, business administration, marketing and economics, mechanical engineering and wood processing. This award is open to all levels of scholars, including early career.

Macedonia features an All Disciplines award as well as an award focused on Rule of Law, Judiciary Reform, and Civil Society. The All Disciplines award seeks scholars in a wide range of institution-building fields, including business development, quality assurance management and standardization, and education and research development. Awards are open to all levels of scholars, including early career, but each award has more specific qualifications information.

Slovenia features an All Disciplines award for teaching, research, or a combination of the two within the scholar’s area of expertise. Preferred specializations include journalism (investigative, print, photography, television, and online journalism), environmental sciences, law, economics, engineering, and the pure and applied sciences. For those in the Biomedical Sciences, there is an also an award that seeks specializations in biochemistry and molecular biology, genetics, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine, microbiology, toxicology, otorinolaringology, and veterinary medicine . Both awards are open to all levels of scholars, including early career.

More information about the Fulbright Scholar Program can be found on our website,, and the complete catalog of awards can be accessed online at The current competition will close on August 1, 2014.

I hope I have provided sufficient information for you to share this news with your networks.

Best Regards,

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