Friday, February 22, 2013

Journal of Balkanology /Zeitschrift für Balkanologie

Founded in 1962 by Günter Reichenkron, Franz Dölger and Alois Schmaus, the Journal of Balkanology by international standards counts as one of the leading publications specializing in Balkanology. It continues to profile the teaching and research program developed by the former Institute of Balkanology at the Free University Berlin and continued by the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, with the objective of studying the Balkan peninsula’s cultures in their linguistic and non-linguistic manifestations, across ethnic and linguistic families, on a comparative, interdisciplinary-integrative basis. The Journal of Balkanology is therefore also a forum for scholarly discourse on the core questions that occupy Balkanology or Southeast European studies. Its goal ultimately, however, is to convey to the scholarly community and to an interested readership the widest possible range of findings from interdisciplinary and comparative research on a broadly conceived Southeastern Europe stretching from Turkey across the Balkans to Hungary. It covers the gamut of subject areas of linguistics, cultural studies, literature, ethnology, regional studies and folklore. Contributions by European and non-European Balkanologists and specialists on Southeastern Europe will be published here in German, English, French, Russian and Italian.

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