Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Which three books about the Balkans would YOU recommend?

Here is the answer given by Muharem Bazdulj (born in 1977, "one of the leading writers of the younger generation to appear in the countries of the former Yugoslavia") in an interview to John K. Cox:

JKC: If you could recommend three books to the Anglophone world for people who want to sample the beauty and complexity of Balkan culture and history, what would they be?

MB: The Iliad by Homer, Days of the Consuls in English by Ivo Andrić, and Imagining the Balkans by Maria Todorova. One epic, one novel, and one non-fiction book – all available to people from the Anglophone world and all really worthy of their attention.

Source: Spirit of Bosnia (Duh Bosne), issue: Vol.4, No.1 / 2009, pages: 1-7, on

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